Upcoming meetings of the study group philosophy of history 2018:


September 14, UvA, Amsterdam, at 15.00 hours

Speaker: Herman Paul, on History and Philosophy of History: A Hermeneutic Space

Abstract: Would it be possible to imagine a history and philosophy of history (HPH), analogous to the history and philosophy of science (HPS)? While HPS is firmly institutionalized in journals, book series, conferences, and teaching programs around the world, HPH cannot claim institutional identity. Arguably, however, historians and philosophers of history have been, and still are, engaged in mutual learning and cooperation of a sort reminiscent of HPS. Consequently, if this paper explores why HPH is desirable, what it entails, and how it translates into research and teaching, it does not propose something radically new. Rather, it encourages historians and philosophers of history to intensify their exchanges in the hermeneutic space between their respective home disciplines so as to enrich their understanding of historical studies.


November 9Amsterdam, at 15.00 hours

Speakers: Georg Ganl and Steije Hofhuis